Our Process

WorkCare’s goal is to create a safe working environment for local businesses by testing employees for drug and alcohol use as well as educating employers and employees.

What to Expect

When a Company is looking at introducing drug and alcohol testing into their workplace there are some key elements to be considered :

Has the Company got a robust drug and alcohol policy ?
– Ensure the policy is current and up to date

Have the staff been educated around the Company’s policy?
– WorkCare offer ‘toolbox’ talks for staff to help them understand the effects of drugs and alcohol and how that will affect them in the workplace in accordance with the policy

Consider the various types of testing to be conducted
– Urine testing in accordance with the AS/NZS 4308:2008 standards
– Oral Fluid
– Hair Testing

What type of testing available
– Pre employment – prevent it being introduced into the workplace
– Random – WorkCare can offer an independent selection process
– Post Incident
– Reasonable Cause

WorkCare can assist any Company starting at the drafting of a drug and alcohol policy, or, reviewing a drug and alcohol policy to implementing the policy through to conducting assessments with immediate results due to our electronic reporting system.

Please feel free to contact any one of the WorkCare Team who will happily guide you through.

A drug and alcohol free workplace is a safe workplace.

How are we Different?

WorkCare is not a franchise – the process that is delivered is consistent with every technician in all areas, our management team oversee all aspects of WorkCare ensuring our Drug and alcohol testing process are followed with stringent quality controls.

Being one of the pioneers in Workplace Drug testing in New Zealand and now considered one of the leading experts in the Drug testing industry, we believe that audits, with the data and the statistics to support these will help determine the risks and how to manage these.

With the increase of Methamphetamine in our society that is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, the importance now is to ensure that we do everything possible to eliminate this risk.

We have less than 1% fail the pre-employment test, but 1 in 8 will try and dilute the sample and 1 in 20 will try and cheat the Drug test by substituting the sample with either synthetic urine or a clean sample. With untrained technicians or the procedure not done correctly very easy to do. Like changing a tyre anyone can do it but if it’s not done correctly the wheels soon fall off. We have procedures and controls in place to prevent this from happening.

This information is important from your provider.

WorkCare Head office Auckland is one of the very few on-site drug testing companies that has achieved IANZ accreditation, what does this mean?

The standard, in its forward explanations, has made it very clear, that as the results of Drug screening are used for evidentiary purposes, it is necessary to ensure that onsite and laboratory Drug screenings are substantially equivalent

For on-site Drug screening, this necessitates the implementation of procedures such as quality controls, proficiency testing, verification of testing devices, competency based training and most importantly accreditation.

WorkCare procedures are up evidential standard and their process are in line with the AS/NZS 4308:2008 standard and have established themselves as one of the leaders in their field Drug and Alcohol testing.

The accreditation does not cover Synthetic, Alcohol or oral fluid testing and one of the reasons why Urine drug testing is the more preferred testing practice than oral fluid drug testing in New Zealand.

The latest technology

WorkCare has developed its own electronic processes, we are the only company who has a completely electronic reporting system, which is more organised and cost-effective than old school drug testing processes.
This has reduced the factor of human error with instant more accurate information and data.