Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol workplace testing allows us to identify a risk within your business immediately, and manage the risk accordingly to prevent harm. This benefits the identified employee, as well as everyone else in the workplace – “mates looking after mates”.  We have highly qualified staff with many years of knowledge and experience in the Drug and Alcohol industry. Our highly developed systems and processes will help make the whole process easier for you. We take the headaches out of achieving a drug and alcohol-free workplace in your business.

Our Drug Testing System

Work Care has developed an IT based reporting system that ensures accurate and efficient reporting with instant results for any Drug test or Alcohol testing.

Reasons our system is effective:

  1. Our systems minimise risks of employment law issues arising around drug and alcohol testing.
  2. Instant and accurate reporting systems that allow Drug and Alcohol test results to be sent to you in real-time. All essential data will be available in any reporting format that you request.
  3. The Drug and Alcohol testing process can be foreign and stressful for your employees so we understand the importance of compassion, discretion and empathy when dealing with individuals particularly as people’s livelihoods can be at stake.

At WorkCare New Zealand, we work diligently with you to eliminate drug and alcohol issues in your workplace. This improves the environment in your workplace, which leads to a more productive business.