About us

WorkCare’s goal is to create a safe work environment for local businesses. By testing employees for drug and alcohol use as well as educating employers and employees about the consequences of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, we are helping to strengthen communities.

Who are we?

WorkCare is New Zealand’s premiere drug and alcohol risk assessment agency. We are the only risk assessment company that offers a one-stop shop, from drug and alcohol testing to education and Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation programs.

More Than a Drug Testing Company

Most drug testing companies do just that and nothing more. At WorkCare New Zealand, drug and alcohol testing is only the beginning. We are experts in drug and alcohol testing and have state of the art equipment and processes that are compliant. A drug and alcohol-free workplace is a safe workplace. Above all, we do this because we care about the communities we live and work in.

Trained Professionals. Discreet Testing.

Our employees are trained professionals, empathetic and caring. It is our guarantee that all tests will be accurate and delivered discreetly. We respect each employee’s privacy. We detect drug and alcohol users and risks. By doing so, we better the employees and improve the businesses in the process.

We are relentless in our commitment to making workplaces and communities safer. WorkCare does more than workplace drug and alcohol tests. We also educate those within the community on how our drug testing works, and the impact alcohol and drugs have on workplace safety, families, and the community. WorkCare New Zealand is committed not only to testing but to Drug and Alcohol education and rehabilitation.

Our Philosophy

WorkCare’s goal is to create a safe work environment for businesses. Our processes start before employment, with pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. We educate employers and employees about the consequences of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, and work with employers on a longterm basis to ensure that the education and rehabilitation processes continue. We aim to educate and strengthen communities.


Our Services

Robust and Reliable – Our online systems reduce the opportunity for error.

Consistent – Standardised compliant Drug and Alcohol testing, training and education so that everyone has the same experience.

Discretion – We understand the sensitive nature of these issues and that confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Guide – WorkCare’s team of Drug and Alcohol experts guide employers, employees and families through the processes and educate them about hazards caused by drugs and alcohol use.

We Can Help Your Business By…

Highlighting whether drug and alcohol use is an issue in your business and eliminating it. Drugs and alcohol have a negative impact on our workplaces, communities and families. It is a national problem within our communities with employers, employees and families working together to create a safer working environment.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious issue in many businesses. This lifestyle is harmful to an employee’s health and can be very costly to businesses. Staff turnover is expensive and employees who use drugs are less productive. Our mission is to eliminate this problem.

The services we can provide include:

  • Urine testing
  • Oral fluid testing
  • Hair Testing
  • Education
  • Advice on Drug and Alcohol policies and the best people to contact
  • Drug and Alcohol packages EMA – Policy, testing and education.